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In our opinion, there isn’t a sexual experience that can’t be improved with a little bit of extra lubrication. For starters, it can help make sex more comfortable, especially when you’re feeling a bit dry down there. And those dry spells are way more common than you might think.

Lubricant is often thought of as something for post-menopausal people whose normal vaginal lubrication and elasticity have declined.1 Some people might also feel too embarrassed to use lube in front of their partner in case their dryness is misinterpreted as a lack of attraction. But it’s natural to feel a little dryer down below at some point in time. In fact, dips in oestrogen levels throughout a person’s monthly cycle can mean they are naturally less lubricated during that time.

This is where lube comes in to save the day! It can add moisture down below so you feel more comfortable during foreplay or sex. There are many different types of lubes and condoms available with extra lube.

Why use lube?

You’re probably wondering: what are lubes used for? And why use lubricant? Well, essentially lubes are designed to reduce friction and make sex more comfortable. In doing so, the right lubricant can give you the confidence to be more creative and try new things. And most importantly, it can make things more fun! Since lube comes in a variety different types and flavours, you can add it to your sexual repertoire to mix up your sex life and discover new realms of pleasure.

Read on to discover our reasons why it’s time you got to grips with lube and how to use lube for a smoother ride. If you’re looking for some inspiration, head on over to our blog to find out how to use lube to enhance your hand jobs.

So, how does lube help? Here are 6 fantastic reasons to get you started:

  • It gets things moving
  • It makes foreplay more fun
  • It can be used with sex toys
  • Helps prevent chafing during longer sessions
  • It can help stop condoms breaking
  • It's good for everyone involved

1. It gets things moving

We’ve all been there. You’re about to get down with a partner you’re really into, but ‘down there’ doesn’t seem to have got the memo.

There are loads of reasons why you might be a little dry, and all of them are completely normal. Remember, vaginal dryness can happen at any age, and at any time. You might be feeling a bit anxious or stressed out, maybe you’re at a certain point in your monthly cycle or you may have just finished a course of meds.

Whatever the cause, lube can help. It keeps things moving in the right direction, so you can focus on just being present and enjoying the moment. And more importantly it can make things feel so much better.

Next time you’re feeling a little dry down below, simply dab a couple of drops of Durex Perfect Glide Lube to your nether regions. This can give you the additional moisture you need for a smooth and pleasurable experience. What’s more, this silicon-based lube is designed to last longer than water-based lube, so you can stay focussed on the moment with minimal interruptions.

2. It makes foreplay more fun

If you think lube is only for the main event, think again. Adding a little lubrication early on is a great way to get things off to a good start. There are loads of imaginative ways to use lube in your foreplay routine, but we’re particularly partial to a sensual massage.

Set the scene with some relaxing music and mood lighting, and then choose your favourite massage gel or lube. Warm it in your hands and then slowly work your way over your partner’s body, taking time over every curve and contour. We like to start with places that hold tension, like the shoulders neck and back, to get your partner relaxed. Then you can tease the areas they find most arousing – such as the inner thighs or buttocks. When you’re ready, move down to their intimate areas, smoothing some lube delicately over their genitals. This is a great way to prep for penetrative sex, or just enjoy the sensations of the massage.

3. It can be used with sex toys

The great thing about lube is its versatility. It’s great with one person, lots of people, or even when you fancy a little ‘me time’. One of our favourite ways to use it is with sex toys. Applying some lube to a vibrator can add a totally different fluid dimension to masturbation, helping you to climax more quickly and play around with new sensations and experiences.

It’s important to check the type of lubricant that can be used with your sex toy. Try Durex Play Feel water-based lube – just a few drops on your sex toy can increase its slickness to give you new waves of pleasure as well as comfort. This gentle formula also works with condoms if you are using sex toys with a partner as a pre-cursor to intercourse.

4. It helps you keep going for longer

We’ve covered foreplay and solo play, but how does lube improve sex with a partner? As much as we all love a hot, spontaneous quickie, nothing beats those long, passionate sessions where time and your inhibitions go out the window and you really let go.

To make sure chafing and dryness don’t spoil your fun, lube is a must. It helps keep things nice and wet, so you can switch between positions without needing a break to re-fresh your arousal in between each move. This means you can enjoy each minute of sex with minimal interruption and heighten the sensations of your favourite moves. It also allows you to try new things that you perhaps wouldn’t have tried before. Maybe a certain position initially caused too much friction or felt uncomfortable. With a few drops of lube, you can help to ease the discomfort and discover new positions.

5. It can stop condoms breaking

You might not think you need it but using lube with a condom is actually a pretty smart idea. Lubrication helps to reduce friction which is a key factor in condom breakage. If used correctly, condoms are 98% effective against unwanted pregnancy and protect against STIs,2 so it makes sense to make sure they work.

This is particularly true if you’re engaging in anal sex as, unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t naturally produce lubricant – this can result in dry and painful sex. So, it’s a good idea to use extra lube over your condom or anus when having anal sex.

6. It's good for everyone involved

One of our favourite tips is to lube up before you go down. It can be hard to muster enough spit to fully lubricate oral sex, so lube can be a real game changer for both people. For a sweeter deal, you can try a flavoured lube to tantalise your taste buds whilst you stimulate your partner during oral sex. Durex Strawberry Lube provides some fruity fun with a fresh aroma and taste of strawberries, with the added comfort and smoothness of a lubricant.

Lube also reduces friction for both people during penetrative sex, so you can both enjoy a smoother ride. No-one wants to feel their skin tearing or burning, which can happen to the person penetrating as well as the person receiving if there’s not enough moisture down below. So, adding a few drops of lube to sex will feel good for both of you.

In summary

Do you use lube for sex? Because you’re missing out if not! Lubes are a great addition to sex – they provide comfort and new sensations for both of you, and protect against skin irritation and condom breakage. Most importantly – they make sex more fun, so you can explore new positions and ways to pleasure each other.

Here at Durex, we think we all deserve to have great sex, which is why we’ve made sure we’ve got something for everyone. From 2 in 1 lubes to the simple pleasure of Durex Perfect Glide Lube we’ve got you covered. So, what are you waiting for… let's lube!


This article is for general information only and not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Reckitt Benckiser, Auckland. RKT-M-06491.


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