You may have been using lube for a while and are just looking for some new tips or you might be a lube novice not quite sure where to start. Either way, this guide will give you lots of useful info on the wonderful world of personal lube.

Read on and find out all about the different types of lube available and how you can use them to have even more fun.

What is lube?

Lube is a specially formulated gel or liquid that can be used on the penis, vagina, anus and anywhere on your body that you want more slipperiness or to increase the pleasure when you get it on. It gives you something fun to experiment with during foreplay and helps make penetration more pleasurable and comfortable for all involved.

But lube isn’t just for sexual penetration. It can also be awesome when used for oral, foreplay and masturbation too.

What type of lube should i use?

There are lots of specialised lubes out there, including anal lube, flavoured lube and some that help you feel slightly different sensations, however, most of them fall into one of two main types:

1. Water based lube

Durex water-based lubes are super light and won’t stain the sheets or your clothes. Most of our formulations are suitable for sensitive skin, and because they’re non-sticky, they’re easy to wash off when you’re done. We have lots of different water-based lubes to choose from including ones that double-up as a massage gel.

2. Silicone based lube

Silicone-based lube is thicker and glossier than water-based lubricant. Because it doesn’t easily get absorbed into your skin, it lasts much longer. This means you won’t need to interrupt your activities just to put on more lube.

For long lasting and silky-smooth pleasure, try our Durex Perfect Glide Lube.

Condoms and lube: can they be used together?

Our Durex lubes are suitable to use with condoms, but you should always read the label on the bottle just to make sure. If the label does say you’re good to go, then simply add the lube to the outside of the condom once it’s on.

Is lube safe to swallow?

Most water based lubes are suitable for oral sex and are safe to consume; however, swallowing large quantities is not advisable. For those with a sweet tooth, Durex flavoured lubes are sugar-free so you can indulge as often as you wish!

How much should i use?

As much as you like. If you’re trying a new lubricant, or this is the first time you’ve used lube, start off with a small amount, gently applying it with your fingertips. Then, feel free to add more as and when the mood takes you.

Some lubes also double up as massage gel, so why not add a back (and anything else) rub to your foreplay to give your partner an extra treat?

How long can you use that bottle of lube after opening?

As a general rule, lube should be used within three months of opening the bottle. The best place to store it is in a drawer or cupboard, away from direct heat or sunlight and well away from pets and children.

Can i use lube for masturbation?

A big ‘Yes’ to that one. Lube can be a perfect playmate when it comes to masturbation.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to dive in and enjoy the wonderful world of lube. Check out our full range of lubes and gels and see what grabs your fancy..