What’s your sexual hot spot?

There’s more to good sex than just the penis and vagina.

Many of us forget that there are erogenous zones all over the body, and surprisingly, these sweet spots are similar for both men and women. Next time you’re sexgetting it on, try exploring every inch of your partner’s body along the way rather than heading straight for the obvious.

If you’re the one feeling like some important parts are being overlooked, it might be an idea to leave this blog open on your laptop the next time you pop to the shops...

Let's get it started with these eight erogenous zones you need to know.


Since kissing is usually the starting point for many people, focusing on your partner’s lips a little longer will help them get them warmed up and get their mind wandering.

Try this: Go for a slow movie-style snog; kiss your partner’s lips and gently rub your tongue against theirs– if your partner responds well, try sucking his or her bottom lip, too.

Or this: Caress and massage their lips with yours and try playfully pressing them lightly on top of each other, nibbling them softly, or even using a thumb to stroke them.

Neck and collarbone

The sides and nape of the neck contain so many nerve endings that for some people, a light touch on the neck is all that's needed to get them inspired.

Try this: Alternate between kisses on the neck and gentle nibbles with your teeth – the contrast is extremely arousing. You can add a little roughness here, too, by biting and sucking, if your partner likes it.

Or this: Try tracing your tongue from the dent behind the collar bone up to the neck.


The sexiest part of the ear for many is the lobe, while for others whispering sweet nothings is the way to go. Ear-play is not for everyone and if your lover has had a bad wet willie experience before, this may make them cringe, so test the waters first.

Try this: Tickling the edge of your partner’s ear with your finger as you brush any loose strands of hair behind the ear.

Or this: As you’re kissing their neck, move upwards lightly breathing over the ear and then sucking the edge of the ear.


There’s a reason why those spiky little head massagers have become so popular, but two pairs of hands are always better than one.

Try this: Start by playing with your partner's hair and move on to massaging his or her scalp with your thumb and the pads of your fingers. To heat things up, running your fingernails gently across their scalp can feel really good.

Or this: Press your knuckles or give a gentle squeeze just above the nape of the neck, around the area where the hairline ends. This is great for releasing tension.

Inner wrist

Because the inner wrist is an area that isn’t touched much, it can be a sensitive spot.

Try this: When you’re sitting opposite your partner – at a table would work well – make eye contact with them as you gently hold their wrist in your hand and use the thumb from your other hand to trace down the centre of their inner wrist.

Or this: Foreplay doesn’t just happen in the bedroom – the next time you’re out walking together and holding hands use your thumb to stroke the inside of their wrist. You might end up taking a shorter route back home than you had planned…


The nipples are full of nerve endings and are one of the most sensitive areas of the body. This area tends to be forgotten when it comes to men, but for some men their nipples are incredibly sensitive.

Try this: Trace the area around the nipples with your finger and gently kiss them. Start light and figure out what they like.

Or this: For a slow build-up, start by lightly blowing over them until your partner wants more – progress to long licks with flicks and rolls of the tongue.


There are millions of nerve endings on the buttocks. Be playful!

Try this: Give your partner a long back massage and after working on their lower back, move on to the buttocks to turn the heat up.

Or this: When your lover is giving you oral sex, give their bum a squeeze to show them how much you’re enjoying it. Some people love a naughty spank on the bum during sex or as part of foreplay to really get them going.


If you’ve ever had a really good pedicure and foot massage, you’ll already know about this one.

Try this: As you’re giving your partner a foot massage, bend down and cheekily put one or two of their toes in your mouth.

Or this: Tickle, kiss and gently pinch the skin on the feet and toes or rub them with a massage gel such as Durex Play 2 in 1.

It’s true that everyone likes to be touched differently and what drives one person crazy might be a turn-off for another but paying attention to all the different areas of your lover’s body might just result in the discovery of some hidden hotspots.

Want more? The inner thighs, pelvic region, penis and vagina  are a bit of a no-brainer, so we didn’t include them here, but we have plenty of tips on giving good oral sex and blowjobs and using your hands to play if that’s what you’re after.