There are a huge range of sex toys available these days, which is wonderful in terms of providing plenty of choice. You’re guaranteed to be able to find something that suits your tastes and your body, and there’s always something new and exciting to experiment with.

A bullet sex toy can be a small but powerful way of increasing your sexual pleasure – whether that’s alone or with someone else. Maybe you’re wondering how to use a bullet vibrator to bring you to orgasm on those quiet nights in. Or perhaps you’re looking at getting a bullet vibration massager for some all-over body stimulation with a partner.

Whether you’re looking at vibrators for beginners, or seeking another bullet adult toy to add to your existing collection, we’ve got the perfect guide to help you get the most out of your discreet and powerful new toy.

What is a bullet vibrator?

Let’s start with the basics – what is a bullet vibrator? Like the name suggests, bullet sex toys are small, bullet-shaped adult toys that vibrate to bring you sexual pleasure. 

Don’t be fooled though – these discreet, small vibrators are tiny but mighty! Their petite size makes them ideal for travel, and their shape is perfect for direct, pinpoint clitoral stimulation – something that some people find they require in order to orgasm.

Bullets are great vibrators for beginners as they are relatively simple to use and easy to manoeuvre –with just a flick of a switch, you can bring waves of pleasure to your clitoris. While they’re fantastic for solo play, they’re also wonderful to use to add a beautiful clitoral buzz during intercourse, since they’re unintimidating and little enough not to get in the way.

How to use a bullet vibrator

Whilst a vaginal bullet is perfectly shaped for clitoral stimulation, the clitoris is not the only location your delicious new toy can be used. The vibrations can provide stimulation to the areas of your body that can be extra-sensitive and a turn-on to touch during sex – think of the erogenous zones on yours and your partner’s body. Warm yourself up by lightly tracing the bullet at the base of your stomach, before moving down to your inner thighs, before your vagina. This can help your body to prepare for the intensity of the buzz. Remember to be gentle at first, particularly if you’re using a sexual bullet for the first time as those vibrations can be powerful!

It’s important to know that bullet vibrators are only really designed for external use – they’re not really designed for insertion. If you’re looking for sex toys that provide internal stimulation, try a classic vibrator or rabbit instead.

Using a bullet vibrator with your partner

As mentioned, bullet vibrators can be enjoyed by both you and your partner. You can begin by using the vibrations to turn your partner on during foreplay. Try tracing small circles around their nipples or holding the bullet so it gently hums against their clitoris or the shaft of their penis, or perineum (the patch of skin between the testicles and anus). You can take it in turns to please each other using the sexual bullet before and during sex. Even placing the bullet between your bodies during sex can add another sensation to the experience. If you find this too intense, it’s not a bad idea to have the bullet on standby on your bedside table instead. Just make sure you’re communicating to each other about what you like to make sure you’re both enjoying the buzz.

What types of bullet vibrator are there?

There’s a wonderful range of bullet vibrators out there, just waiting to be discovered. Just like people, they come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and textures to suit different tastes. Some have just one constant speed, like the Durex Intense Delight Bullet vibrator, making them very simple to use as vibrators for beginners. Other bullet sex toys have several speeds and pulse modes or are curved to fit your contours. You can also choose between battery-powered models, perfect for an all-night session, or rechargeable ones that are handy for when you’re travelling.

bintense delight bullet

Choosing your bullet vibrator

When choosing a bullet vibrator, its best to think about which feature is most important to you and buying accordingly. You might be looking for more of a gentle rumble if you’re a beginner or need something more discreet. Or if you’ve tried the gentle rumbles and would like to dial it up the intensity, look for a bullet that has several patterns of vibrations or multiple speeds.

Some bullets come with attachments to change their shape depending on where you’d like to use them, for example a curved shape can benefit G-spot stimulation.

Another consideration is the material of the bullet. Sexual bullets may be made from stainless steel, chrome or silicone – each of these will feel slightly different on your skin so play around to find which works best for your body.

The good news is that you can always have more than one bullet, so don’t be afraid to explore multiple options.

What other kinds of vibrators are there?

There are several other types of sexual vibrator you may want to consider if you’re not looking for the discreet simplicity of the bullet vibrator. These include:

  • Classic vibrators – for internal stimulation and against other erogenous zones
  • Personal massagers – for sensual non-sexual massage
  • Rabbit vibrators – for stimulating the clitoris and inside the vagina

Classic Vibrators

Traditionally shaped ‘classic’ vibrators work a lot like bullets, but because they’re larger and longer, you can also use them for internal stimulation as well as to hum against other erogenous zones.

Some people find the familiar, straightforward shape and size of classic vibes reassuring – there’s nothing too bewilderingly new-fangled about them. These no-nonsense vibrators may not come with all the bells and whistles of other vibrators, but they get the job done. Their streamlined shape is designed to facilitate internal stimulation, mimicking the shape of a penis – for all the pleasure and none of the drama!

Personal Massagers

Intimate, personal massagers are modern sex toys with fresh, ergonomic designs that make them maximally versatile. As well as offering clitoral stimulation, they can be used to give a relaxing, sensual massage all over the body for both partners that can act as a spine-tingly delicious aspect of foreplay, or simply an intimate way to wind down after a long day.

Because they’re not solely for sexual use, and specifically intended for relationships, they can provide a gentle, non-threatening way to introduce toys to a relationship for the first time.

Rabbit Vibrators

Finally, the rabbit sex toy is perhaps one of the most famous masturbators in the world. The rabbit has two key parts to it: a main shaft, which is usually inserted into the vagina and vibrates against the vaginal passage, and smaller protruding ‘ears’, which nestle against the clitoris. The intended result? Comprehensive stimulation of the genitals resulting in orgasm.

Unlike sexual bullets and other small vibrators, the rabbit is designed to stimulate both the vaginal wall (and G-spot) as well as the clitoris for a double-whammy of sexual pleasure that will blow your mind.

The rabbit has evolved over the years and now there are different varieties available, so it’s best to do your research to find which one suits your needs. Some have adjustable vibrations, and you may find the ears differ slightly in shape, length and texture. As with any vibrator, it’s about finding the one that works best for your body.

In summary

Bullet vibrators are a small but powerful way to heighten your sexual experiences. Whether you’re after a fun night in alone or want to mix things up with your partner, bullet vibrators can be used bring a buzz to your body in more ways than one. With many different small vibrators available to buy with a variety of shapes and intensities, the choice is completely yours. They all have one thing in common though, they are designed to bring you and your lover maximum pleasure.

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