Woman on Woman

Lesbian sex basics

There's no golden rule of lesbian sex, any more than there is with straight sex. Everyone has their own desires. However, understanding the basics will help ensure you have the most satisfying time ever.

  1. Don't assume. Every woman is different. Some like manual stimulation, some find oral the most satisfying, some like toys (including strap-ons), some like it all. Just because you like something, it doesn't mean a partner will so communicate and explore together.

  2. Be safe: Oral transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) is on the increase, so use a dental dam (latex square) to stay safe unless you've both been tested. STIs can be transmitted through sharing toys too so use condoms on the toy if you share.

  3. Be sexy: There's no need for safe sex to be boring. Try ribbed, dotted and other sensation-changing condoms on toys to ring the changes. Dams are available in different flavours as well as plain varieties too.

  4. Play: Try using a pleasure ring on a dildo to add clitoral stimulation. Use a bullet vibe during oral or simply dress up for each other.

  5. Be secure: Most women worry about their bodies but if a woman wants to get intimate with you, she likes what she sees. Be proud of the way you look and revel in her gaze.

  6. Want to expand your oral repertoire? Try approaching from a different angle – it can totally change the sensation.

  7. Use lube: Great for massage and masturbation, lube is also essential if you want to explore anal play.

  8. Explore different ways to play: Try different oral techniques and ways of using your hands to pleasure your lover.

  9. Better yet, masturbate in front of each other: That way you'll see what you both enjoy.

  10. Know your limits: Sex isn't about endurance. If a partner suggests something you find intimidating, be honest. Use your hands to guide your lover and control the pace when you're first exploring. 


Try approaching from a different angle - it can totally change the sensation.