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    Durex Intense Vibrations Ring

    Product Features
    Can be used all over the body|Can be used with or without a condom|Waterproof|Batteries included

    Product Description

    Durex Play Vibrations has been designed to bring up to 20 minutes of quivering pleasure to both of you.

    For maximum enjoyment, tease, tantilise and experiment with the vibrations. It's easy to use, simple to switch on and off and great to experiment with.

    Usage Information

    It's easy to use, simple to switch on and off and great to experiment with. Play Vibrations can be used with or without a condom. If you are wearing a condom, make sure you put it on first before applying Play Vibrations.

    Safety Information

    This product is for adults only. It is not a contraceptive. Please read the leaflet inside this pack carefully. Keep out of reach of children.

    Storage Instructions

    Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.




    • Vibrating cock ring designed to give pleasure to both partners
    • Helps keep him harder for longer
    • Super-stretchy and simple to use

    Durex Intense Vibrations Ring is a vibrating cock ring that is designed to provide pleasure to both partners during foreplay and sex. Stretch to fit material fits most men. When worn at the base of the penis, this cock ring can help keep him harder for longer, while the small, discreet, quiet bullet vibrator provides powerful vibrations for extra stimulation.

    Can be used with a condom, as well as lube and pleasure gels to explore different sensations. Do not use for more than 30 minutes and allow at least 60 minutes in between usage. Do not fall asleep while wearing a cock ring.

    It’s good to be in the know, so please read the instructions carefully.

    • Simple to use super stretchy cock ring
    • Up to 20 minutes of stimulation vibrations
    • Batteries included